Riveter's Mission Statement

Rosie the Riveter (History of)
During the 40s, the US Armed Forces drafted 50 million men to serve in the armed forces, creating an industrial labor shortage. “Rosie the Riveter,” created by the government, was pictured on postures nationwide as means to encourage women to fill those vacant positions. For the first time in history, women began occupying positions that men dominated; their role was now considerately more important than just a housewife – they were loyal, efficient, patriotic workers. Rosie became an iconic symbol representing that era’s contemporary women’s movement – “making history for victory.” Rosie paved the way for greater gain for today’s women. CMA Riveters Club's Mission Statement Recent economic factors have significantly impacted employment opportunities and increased competition. California Maritime Academy’s Riveter’s Club was founded in 2011 as a response to today's job market decline and limited job availability, especially for women graduates who seek employment in areas that are still significantly dominated by their male counterparts. We strive to present ourselves as the strongest candidate in our career choices. The Riveters Club was established to help women succeed in their career goals through collective unity, through attendance at training and development programs, by participating in networking opportunities, and engaging in outreach and advocacy activities so that we can be top candidates in our fields of study. The Riveters' vision is that each member be successful by striving for more than what is currently available to young women graduates and to be recognized for their life-changing contributions as future leaders, such as Rosie did.
CMA Riveter Club's Objective
The Riveters club aims to pool women from diverse majors and provide an opportunity for them to grow personally through leadership, education and alumni support. The Riveter's club was established as a focus group to share experiences and built support for one another to achieve success. Our club provides a means for young women to vent and bond because, really, what girl doesn't need that from time to time? As women in industries such as engineering, business, global studies, and marine transportation, we are the few strong and fearless who are willing to tackle the challenge of making a stance in our careers by leading others, proposing new ideas accordingly. Forming this group or sisterhood allows us to face hardships that are encountered in achieving our goals, because in number, we are stronger. We call to mind our WW2 Women Ordinance Sisters, the original Riveter's and recall and add to their famous motto of "WE CAN DO IT TOO", because we are the face of the future! So, it is time to pave our own road and gather the tools we need for our tool bags.

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