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On September 6th, the Riveter's must be present and participate in CMA's Club Rush. Your presence is MANDATORYWe must show that we are united and our club is active with full force. I will get more information on the time it will begin and end. In the meantime, for organizational purposes, I need everyone to respond to my email on regarding the

1.   I need suggestions "what will attract potential freshmen recruits." I would like a suggestion from everyone. The person with the suggestions that are chosen will be excused from one future event or meeting. 

2.  I need volunteers for our booth. Remember our club is only as successful as we want it to be and to achieve greatness comes work and sacrifice. Anyone who volunteers will be excused from one future event or meeting.
3.  Finally, I am working on the budget for this coming year, so please try to keep all ideas for fundraising in mind! Also remember that your ideas for any event must be on a thrifty budget. Thank you!


Tentative Dates:

(Events Still In The Works)
Northrup Grumman Tour
Coca-Cola Tour (December 7th see Coca-Cola Tab)
Johnson and Johnson Tour
Novartis Tour



"Meet and Greet" - Every month we will try and get two speakers from our Alumni and Riveter Supporters. If  transportation is not available for our speakers, we may use web broadcast. These sessions will give us the chance to learn about workforce in different companies and different fields. There will also be professional women lecturing on simulating topics related to our fields. Alumni and Riveter supporters, if you are interested in volunteering for these "Meet and Greet" events please email me at tpuente@csum.edu or our Riveter's chain email at riveters@csum.edu


"Zen Out Yoga and Dancing Queen, "- All these events are stress relievers from test, studies, homework, and everyday life. "Zen Out Yoga" is a serene awakening of yoga stretches that will relax the mind and body to help you through those stressful days. "Dancing Queen" is another activity to help relieve your stress. "Dancing Queen" is a fun choreographed dance session that mixes jazz, hip hop, and alternative choreography.


"Resume Reviews and Speech Therapy"- Towards the beginning and end of the school year. I plan to team up with the Career Center and our CMA's debate team to help polish our interview skills as well as our resume's. During this event, you will have to dress in business attire clothing. Interviewing techniques and proper attire for the interview process will be covered.


"Tune Up Those Skills"- With the help of Mr. Hitchcock and Mr. Andrew, we will have the chance to tune up vital skills used for our trade in the maritime industry. With a refresher course in lathe work, welding and brazing we will have the skills we need for our future. This event is not only for marine transportation and marine engineer majors, after learning from our tour to a local Napa engineering company that mechanical engineers who knew how to lathe and weld were highly preferred. We figure that the more you know, the more marketable you are.


"Paint Wars"- Every girl needs an outlet, why not let paintball help relieve some stress. Participating in paintball games is a great way to learn team building, while having fun and boosting up confidence!


Volunteer Opportunities 

Every member of the Riveters MUST VOLUNTEER AT LEAST 10 HOURS MINIMUM during the school semester. Volunteering is not only a requirement by ASCMA, but it is also a great way to give back to your community. Volunteering is not only self-rewarding, but it also looks great on resumes. This year we are going to try and host a "Shadow Day" for girls in local elementary schools. This will give young girls the opportunity to broaden the knowledge on the opportunities that are waiting for them. We will also help out our Community Engagement department and assist in cleaning our water front during their annual "Cleanup the Bay" event.

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