Monday, July 30, 2012

Welcome Back!

Hello Ladies,

Last year was a successful beginning for the Riveter's club, but this year's plans are to achieve an even more successful year.  I hope everyone had a great summer, but now it's time to take control of our futures. The Riveter's club was established by a group of young woman as a focus group to share experiences and built support for one another to achieve success.  Our club provides a means for young women to vent and bond, because really what girl doesn't need that from time to time? But our goals and strive for success have grown, and like typical women, we want more!  Striving to be the best that we can is a natural and evolutional process in advancing in today's society. As women in industries such as engineering, business, global studies, and marine transportation, we are the few strong and fearless who are willing to tackle the challenge of making a stance in our careers by leading others, proposing new ideas and managing staff accordingly.  Forming this group or sisterhood allows us to face hardships that are encountered in achieving our goals, because in number, we are stronger. We call to mind our WW2 Women Ordinance Sisters, the original Riveter's and recall their famous motto of "WE CAN DO IT TOO", because we are the face of the future! So, it is time to pave our own road and gather the tools we need for our tool bags. The resources that you gain through active club participation are resources you will treasure forever. Thank you again for choosing to be a Riveter, and we look forward to the bright beginning of this new school year.

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